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Rubber Mould COMPACT

For more than 35 years we offer our manufactured raw rubber moulds in highest quality.

Then as now these classic DOGENDORF products provide both small companies
as well as large-scale productions with great wax pieces with most various characters.

From the Raw Rubber Mould COMPACT to Your Rubber Mould – Process of Formation and Purpose

Depending on the model’s volume and form a specific amount of rubber is cut
out of the raw rubber mould. Then the original master model is placed between
both halfs of the COMPACT rubber mould. Thanks to the condition and quality of the COMPACT there is no risk of bursting or moving oft he model. The raw rubber mould is placed in a vulcanizing frame, heated to about 150 °C / 302 °F, where the raw rubber liquefies in the vulcanizing frame. The high pressure and temperature lead again to a solidification of the material. Thereby the transformation process from raw rubber mould to rubber mould is completed. 

The technique of removing of the original model is decided upon its complexity:

Tearing Technique (used with easy models)

Both contact areas are treated with a mould release agent, e.g. a Silicone Spray whereby they won’t combine during vulcanizing. As a result, both, the tearing apart of both rubber parts and the removing of the master model is made possible without a reduction in functionality of the rubber mould.

Cutting Technique (used with complex models)

A model-specific separation line is drawn on the raw rubber mould before vulcanizing, which is cut open by a scalpel after cooling down. 


  • The Two-Piece Raw Rubber Mould COMPACT guarantees highest quality in production of
    most precise wax pieces of most various types of rubber moulds
  • Great durability of the rubber mould vs. silicon mould
  • Easy and clear storage of different models, different aligned sizes of raw rubber moulds

Available Sizes*

  • 65 x 50
  • 75 x 60
  • 85 x 70
  • 110 x 90 and
  • 120 x 100 mm

All sizes available in 

  • 4 layers and
  • 6 layers

and optional in

  • CASTALDO GOLD LABEL (soft and flexible characteristics) or
  • CASTALDO WHITE LABEL (firm and stabil characteristics)

* Other sizes on request

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