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Wax stems

The DOGENDORF Wax Stems are your base for building highest quality wax trees suitable for both

  • traditional manufacturing

    in conjunction with

  • 3D printed models

High class raw materials and intense testing for the perfect recipe ensure

  • seamless mounting of wax models
  • stable and at the same time flexible feature during mounting
  • high resistance when embedding
  • best viscosity for melting out and
  • residue-free burnout

The DOGENDORF Wax Trees are available in the following measures:

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Saturday, 10 February 2018 22:01


The DOGENDORF Receptacles are high quality and encase rubber and silicon moulds
of different sizes stable and anti-skiddingly through a specific bottom side.

During the entire wax injection process your rubber and silicon moulds
remain unmoved inside the Receptacle, which itself is held savely by the
DOGENDORF Standard Clamp Hand.

Therefore the direct contact of the rubber or silicon mould to the
injection nozzle at the wax injection kettle is always guaranteed.

The following inner sizes of Receptacles are available for
the DOGENDORF Standard Clamp Hand (120 x 100 mm):

  • 65 x 50
  • 75 x 60
  • 85 x 70 and
  • 110 x 90 mm

The following inner sizes* of Receptacles are available for
the DOGENDORF Memory Big Clamp Hand (230 x 150 mm):

  • 65 x 50
  • 75 x 60
  • 85 x 70 
  • 110 x 90 and
  • 120 x 100 mm

Technical Specifications

2-piece Receptacle (assembled) made of

  • shock-resistant, special 2-component plastic (frame piece)
  • hardwood handle

* Other sizes up to 220 x 140 mm on request

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Sorting Box

The Sorting Box is made from solid plastic,
has 44 recesses and a rotatable plexiglass cover,
Ø 200 mm, H = 20 mm

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Rubber Knobbed Plate

The Rubber Knobbed Plate simplifies the adequate usage of rubber moulds, which
don’t include any systematic leave-outs and elevations in their conception.
With the help of the Rubber Knobbed Plate the rubber mould is changed into
a compact, durable unit. 

The Rubber Knobbed Plate contains 90 knobbed areas of which each conveys 4 small,
mushroom-like knobs. To equip a conventional rubber mould with these rubber knobs
usually 6 knobbed areas are necessary (two on the upper edge, two on the
lower edge and one on both outer edges).

The mushroom-like form of the knobs cause a push-button effect through which
the two counterparts oft he rubber mould are held together by themselves.
For this reason, the rubber mould forms a very compact unit within the injection process.

Technical Specifications

Rubber Knobbed Plate 110 x 110 mm
Cut-outs with spring function: Ø 10 mm
Dead-blow plastic hammer
Plastic support: 130 x 130 mm

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Saturday, 10 February 2018 20:25

Silicone Spray

We recommend a Silikone Spray, which has proved to be successful for many decades:

KORASILON Universal*

For pretreatment of your rubber and silicon mould the Silicone Spray can be sprayed
on the inner parts of the moulds to enable an easy take-out of the wax pieces.

This Silicone Spray conforms the product quality according to Aerosol-Richtlinie 2008/47/EG
which ensure your health savety regarding breathing when working with evaporating particles.

Product Specifications

Content: 400 ml

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Vulcanizing Frame

The DOGENDORF Vulcanizing Frames have excellent surface characteristics,
made of milled aluminium and provide best stability. 

The Vulcanizing Frames can be ordered with Codifying Field of the
DOGENDORF Codifying System for the following rubber mould sizes*:

  • 65 x 50**
  • 75 x 60 (frame 60 x 120 x 118 mm)
  • 85 x 70 (frame 60 x 130 x 118 mm)
  • 110 x 90 (frame 79 x 135 x 157 mm)
  • 120 x 100 (frame 79 x 145 x 158 mm) und
  • 230 x 150 mm (frame 79 x 295 x 198 mm)

The anodized Vulcanizing Frames contain a DOGENDORF Codifying Field, too,
but on top of that they are equipped with ball-grips and an air connection to provide
a perfect rubber mould press-out directly after the vulcanization process with the
QUATTRO PARALLEL VP 200 (or VP 250, VP 160) for the easier operability.
They are available in the following rubber mould sizes*:

  • 65 x 50**
  • 75 x 60 (frame 60 x 120 x 118 mm)
  • 85 x 70 (frame 60 x 130 x 118 mm)
  • 110 x 90 (frame 79 x 135 x 157 mm)
  • 120 x 100 (frame 79 x 145 x 158 mm)


* Other sizes on request
**  The Codifying Field on the Insertion Plate with the size 65 x 50 mm uses
not the full range of parameters, as it is necessary
to ensure the full functionality despite its small size


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Saturday, 10 February 2018 14:43

Acrylic Frame

The DOGENDORF Acrylic Frames makes the production of high-quality,
precise and durable silicon moulds possible. On one side of the Acrylic Frame
there is the DOGENDORF Codifying Field so that the future silicon moulds
can be used with a set of Codifying Field parameters. 

The production of silicon moulds with the DOGENDORF Codifying Field:

To enable the easy placing of the model the upper tray can be removed
at the beginning.

On the bottom of the Acrylic Frame there are three holes alongside each
other which are meant to be used for the positioning of the cone. Because the
Acrylic Frame allows three different diameters of silicon moulds the position
of the cone is decided regarding the character of the model.
It is set on the cone and the side panel is assembled.

Ideally the liquid silicon is filled in the Acrylic Frame through a mixing unit.

The upper tray is placed on top the Acrylic Frame, by which the future
silicoe mould gets it exact size and shape, and that the surplus material
can escape through a leave-out in the upper tray.
Depending on the silicone curing method the silicon mould can be
removed and cut open after the dedicated time.

The Acrylic Frames are available in the following inner dimensions:

  • 65 x 50
  • 75 x 60
  • 85 x 70
  • 110 x 90 and
  • 120 x 100 mm

* Silicon can be ordered on request

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Saturday, 10 February 2018 11:21

Rubber Mould COMPACT

For more than 35 years we offer our manufactured raw rubber moulds in highest quality.

Then as now these classic DOGENDORF products provide both small companies
as well as large-scale productions with great wax pieces with most various characters.

From the Raw Rubber Mould COMPACT to Your Rubber Mould – Process of Formation and Purpose

Depending on the model’s volume and form a specific amount of rubber is cut
out of the raw rubber mould. Then the original master model is placed between
both halfs of the COMPACT rubber mould. Thanks to the condition and quality of the COMPACT there is no risk of bursting or moving oft he model. The raw rubber mould is placed in a vulcanizing frame, heated to about 150 °C / 302 °F, where the raw rubber liquefies in the vulcanizing frame. The high pressure and temperature lead again to a solidification of the material. Thereby the transformation process from raw rubber mould to rubber mould is completed. 

The technique of removing of the original model is decided upon its complexity:

Tearing Technique (used with easy models)

Both contact areas are treated with a mould release agent, e.g. a Silicone Spray whereby they won’t combine during vulcanizing. As a result, both, the tearing apart of both rubber parts and the removing of the master model is made possible without a reduction in functionality of the rubber mould.

Cutting Technique (used with complex models)

A model-specific separation line is drawn on the raw rubber mould before vulcanizing, which is cut open by a scalpel after cooling down. 


  • The Two-Piece Raw Rubber Mould COMPACT guarantees highest quality in production of
    most precise wax pieces of most various types of rubber moulds
  • Great durability of the rubber mould vs. silicon mould
  • Easy and clear storage of different models, different aligned sizes of raw rubber moulds

Available Sizes*

  • 65 x 50
  • 75 x 60
  • 85 x 70
  • 110 x 90 and
  • 120 x 100 mm

All sizes available in 

  • 4 layers and
  • 6 layers

and optional in

  • CASTALDO GOLD LABEL (soft and flexible characteristics) or
  • CASTALDO WHITE LABEL (firm and stabil characteristics)

* Other sizes on request

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Mount for Wax Tree

The Mount for Wax Trees simplifies the optimal mounting of single wax pieces on a wax tree.

For the efficient production of wax trees and the simplification of a proper application
of each wax piece the mount for wax trees is used. A panel with a pin, on which
a silicon holder is attached provide the basis of this process.

The empty wax tree is plugged into the round notch in the center of the silicon holder.
To achieve perfect wax trees, the panel is mounted on a tiltable and turnable, stable holder,
so that for each new wax piece the appropriate position can be adjusted exactly and quickly.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (∅ x H): ∅ 85 x 100 mm
Weight: 1.3 kg


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Ring Stand

The Ring Stand is at home at the goldsmith’s as well as at the wax injection work space.

Here rings made of wax can be mounted and worked on, e.g. for the imprinting
of stones as well as size changes of rings.

Technical Specifications 

Dimensions (H x W x D): 70 x 50 x 135 mm
Weight: 345 g
Rotatable conical mandrel, made of aluminium, anodized

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