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Acrylic Frame

10 February 2018 Published in Products-en
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The DOGENDORF Acrylic Frames makes the production of high-quality,
precise and durable silicon moulds possible. On one side of the Acrylic Frame
there is the DOGENDORF Codifying Field so that the future silicon moulds
can be used with a set of Codifying Field parameters. 

The production of silicon moulds with the DOGENDORF Codifying Field:

To enable the easy placing of the model the upper tray can be removed
at the beginning.

On the bottom of the Acrylic Frame there are three holes alongside each
other which are meant to be used for the positioning of the cone. Because the
Acrylic Frame allows three different diameters of silicon moulds the position
of the cone is decided regarding the character of the model.
It is set on the cone and the side panel is assembled.

Ideally the liquid silicon is filled in the Acrylic Frame through a mixing unit.

The upper tray is placed on top the Acrylic Frame, by which the future
silicoe mould gets it exact size and shape, and that the surplus material
can escape through a leave-out in the upper tray.
Depending on the silicone curing method the silicon mould can be
removed and cut open after the dedicated time.

The Acrylic Frames are available in the following inner dimensions:

  • 65 x 50
  • 75 x 60
  • 85 x 70
  • 110 x 90 and
  • 120 x 100 mm

* Silicon can be ordered on request

Clamp Hand Extension EV-MAT 2000

03 February 2018 Published in Products-en
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The Clamp Hand Extension EV-MAT 2000 was developed for injection and vulcanization of

big rubber or silicon moulds with the dimensions (up to)  220 x 95 mm, which are applied in
various fields, e.g. for spectacle frames, mechanical parts (precision engineering) and many more.

The EV-MAT 2000 is applicable on the DOGENDORF Vacuum Wax Injectors


with the

  • Standard Clamp Hand (65 x 50 up to 120 x 100 mm moulds).

During Wax Injection Process

The EV-MAT 2000 is applied on the Standard Clamp Hand via easy assembly.
The codified rubber or silicon panel is placed in the EV-MAT 2000 to guarantee
the desired set of parameters. 

During Vulcanizing

The dedicated vulcanizing frame comprises a panel with a leave-out field.
Inside the coding field of the Two-Piece Rubber Mould COMPACT are the dedicated
codifying pins. Is a raw rubber mould or silicon mould vulcanized, a rubber panel is vulcanized as well,
which will later fit inside the Clamp Hand Extension EV-MAT 2000 perfectly.

The result is a rubber panel with exactly those appropriate leave-outs, which serve the
ideal codifiying of wax injection parameters with the DOGENDORF codifiying knobs.


03 February 2018 Published in Products-en
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The Wax Melting Device CONWAX TAP Prevents Long Idle Times During the Process of Wax Injection

CONWAX TAP keeps liquid wax (around 70 °C / 158 °F) ready 24/7.
Thus perfectly temperated, liquid wax can be (re-)filled into
the wax injection kettle immediately and at any time.

The wax melting device ensures the easy, fast and clean refill of liquid wax,
and prevents the wax injection kettle from soiling:

CONWAX TAP is put on the opening of your DOGENDORF wax injection kettle
(all DOGENDORF wax injection device openings are identical, except Miniwax) and
liquid wax in the desired amount can be filled in via the CONWAX TAP discharge cock.


  • Unintermitted wax injection
  • Potential sedimentations, e.g. dirt, won’t enter the wax injection kettel but
    stay in the CONWAX TAP: no risk of a quick resinifying of the wax injection kettle’s valves
    and easy cleaning of CONWAX TAP
  • Degassing and control of liquid wax under vacuum
  • Adjustion of the wax-specific temperature (up to 90 °C / 194 °F)

Technical Data

Dimensions (H x W x D): 360 x 350 x 350 mm
Capacity: max. 6 l
Capacity at vacuum: max. 4.5 l
Voltage: 230 V
Power: 500 W
Weight: 6.5 kg

Cooling Station FRIGOMAT

06 February 2018 Published in Products-en
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The FRIGOMAT and the FRIGOPLATE are the logical extensions to our
automatic DOGENDORF vacuum wax injection devices.

During the wax injection process energy is fed to the rubber and silicon mould, which
remains in the mould for a long time, because of the relatively poor heat conductivity of rubber and silicon.

To minimize this energy excess of the rubber and silicon mould quickly and to be able to carry out
the next injection process, the surplus heat has to be withdrawn. 

This is made possible by the FRIGOPLATE, which cools the rubber and silicon mould
already before and after the injection process.

The FRIGOMAT can be connected with up to 3 FRIGOPLATES and is therefore able
to supply up to 3 DOGENDORF Vacuum Wax Injectors, each with 1 FRIGOPLATE.

The following types of DOGENDORF Vacuum Wax Injectors can be connected with the FRIGOMAT:

  • ECOMAT 2000 CC and

When ordering one of the above mentioned DOGENDORF Vacuum Wax Injectors, the
cooling during the wax injection process can be ensure as well, as the

  • Standard Clamp Hand (65 x 50 up to 120 x 100 mm moulds)

is cooled on its upper and lower clamping panel. The FRIGOMAT can supply 3 Standard Clamp Hands.


Technical Specifications

Cooling Output at +20 °C and RT 25 °C / 68 °F and RT 77 °F: 400 W
Temperature Control Range: -10 up to +40 °C / from 14 up to 104 °F
Dimensions (H x W x D): 510 x 280 x 320 mm 
Weight: 25 kg
Voltage: 230 V
Amperage: 2 A
Frequency: 50 Hz


03 February 2018 Published in Products-en
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ECO MASTER RSC Vacuum Wax Injector with Digital Display

4 languages selectable (DE, GB, FR, ES); optionally expandable

Integration of the DOGENDORF codifying system

Any  kind* of non-codified rubber and silicon moulds can still be used:

  • The moulds’ parameter sets are storable (for up to 50.000)
  • Through ECO READ up to 200.000 parameter sets for moulds; option: ECO READ can be upgraded both to the ECO MASTER CC and ECOMAT 2000 CC

The cooling-down of the rubber mould can be achieved when the mould is still inside the receptacle.

2 clamp hand sizes available:

  • 120 x 100mm – Standard Clamp Hand  (65 x 50 up to 120 x 100 mm moulds)
  • 230 x 150mm – Memory Big Clamp Hand  (65 x 50 up to 230 x 150 mm moulds)

Values from 0.25 up to 1.5 bar may be adjusted by the potentiometer.

Technical Data

Dimensions (W x D x H):

  • with Standard Clamp Hand 540 x 600 x 590 mm
  • with Memory Big Clamp Hand 540 x 600 x 680 mm

Weight: 40 kg
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power input: 650 W


* Special forms of moulds can be used with receptacles especially made for.

Mount for Wax Tree

09 February 2018 Published in Products-en
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The Mount for Wax Trees simplifies the optimal mounting of single wax pieces on a wax tree.

For the efficient production of wax trees and the simplification of a proper application
of each wax piece the mount for wax trees is used. A panel with a pin, on which
a silicon holder is attached provide the basis of this process.

The empty wax tree is plugged into the round notch in the center of the silicon holder.
To achieve perfect wax trees, the panel is mounted on a tiltable and turnable, stable holder,
so that for each new wax piece the appropriate position can be adjusted exactly and quickly.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (∅ x H): ∅ 85 x 100 mm
Weight: 1.3 kg


Powder Box

09 February 2018 Published in Products-en
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The Aluminium Box for Talcum Powder is indispensable for every wax injection work space.

The application of small quantities of talcum on the inner parts of the rubber or silicon mould
by a short-haired, hard brush ensures the easy liberating of the wax piece from the mould.
By the use of the Powder Box the risk of damaging the wax piece is decreased significantly.

By the funnel-shaped opening inside the aluminium cover the soiling of talcum is prevented
and avoids therefore the soiling of the rubber or silicon mould.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (∅ x H): 80 x 80 mm
Weight: 590 g


09 February 2018 Published in Products-en
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The hydraulic pressure generation makes a very high pressure possible.

The upper heating panel, led via four pillars, which remains stable during vulcanizing,
ensrues a parralel and highly condensed rubber mould (not spongy).

The rubber mould remains elastic permanently, since through vulcanizing
with the QUATTRO HYDRAULIC 200/160 a significantly higher density is obtained,
as reachable with a pneumatic vulcanizing press.

  • Each heating panel has its separate regulation of temperature
  • Dimensions of heating panels: 200 x 160 mm 

Technical Data

Voltage: 230 V
Power: 1000 W
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Contact Pressure: 5 t
Dimensions (H x W x D): 510 x 330 x 230 mm
Weight: ca. 47 kg


09 February 2018 Published in Products-en
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Our manual Vulcanizing Presses* QUATTRO PARALLEL VP 200 features
an upper heating panel that is moved downwards by an easily rotatable
handwheel via four gears and four threaded spindles. As a result
the upper heating panel is moved parallel and remains perfectly stable
while vulcanzing, which ensures

a compact (not spongy) and parallel aligned rubber mould.

The rubber mould remains elastic permanently because a significantly higher
density is reached during the vulcanizing process.

During the whole pot life – this is the duration, in which the rubber is
deformable (liquid) and has a very high coefficient of expansion –
it is from great importance to reach very high forces:
that on e.g. a 110 x 90 mm rubber mould the hydraulic pressure
rises from 200 bar up to 400 bar.

In a pneumatic vulcanizing press this high pressure entails that the
heating panel opens and the aforementioned density during
pot life is compensated, which leads to unwanted results.

Advantages of the QUATTRO PARALLEL VP 200

  • No more spongy rubber moulds and no more products of chance!
    Irrespective your vulcanizing frame lies centrally or laterally
    you will always obtain a 100% parallel, dense and stable rubber mould
  • To minimize the heat transmission on the vulcanizing press,
    every heating panel has two thermal shields: a 10 mm mineral fibreboard
    and a circulated bridge, respectively
  • The threaded spindles and gear wheels are made of high quality steel
  • Each heating panel has a separate regulation of temperature

Technical Specifications

Diameter of Heating Panel: 200 mm
Space between Heating Panels: 125 mm
Maximum vulcanizing mould size: 120 x 100 mm

Dimensions (H x W x D): 650 x 430 x 230 mm
Voltage: 230 V
Power: 1300 W
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Weight: ca. 46 kg


* On request we also deliver the




10 February 2018 Published in Products-en
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The DOGENDORF Receptacles are high quality and encase rubber and silicon moulds
of different sizes stable and anti-skiddingly through a specific bottom side.

During the entire wax injection process your rubber and silicon moulds
remain unmoved inside the Receptacle, which itself is held savely by the
DOGENDORF Standard Clamp Hand.

Therefore the direct contact of the rubber or silicon mould to the
injection nozzle at the wax injection kettle is always guaranteed.

The following inner sizes of Receptacles are available for
the DOGENDORF Standard Clamp Hand (120 x 100 mm):

  • 65 x 50
  • 75 x 60
  • 85 x 70 and
  • 110 x 90 mm

The following inner sizes* of Receptacles are available for
the DOGENDORF Memory Big Clamp Hand (230 x 150 mm):

  • 65 x 50
  • 75 x 60
  • 85 x 70 
  • 110 x 90 and
  • 120 x 100 mm

Technical Specifications

2-piece Receptacle (assembled) made of

  • shock-resistant, special 2-component plastic (frame piece)
  • hardwood handle

* Other sizes up to 220 x 140 mm on request


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