3D Printer Precious Pro ONE

Precious Pro ONE

The most versatile 3D PRINTER 

The Precious Pro ONE is a stereolithography SLA 3D printer with
external DLP unit with a top-down building direction.

The maximum building area is

90 x 52 x 140 mm,

the highest resolution is

30 µm on XY-axis and
15 µm on Z-axis.

Considerable Advantages of the Precious Pro ONE compared to other 3D printers

  1. The Precious Pro ONE is the most versatile, professional
    high precision SLA/DLP printer for a reasonable price
  1. Components in high quality made in Germany, Japan and
    the USA mean greatest durability
  1. +/- 3 µm repeatable accuracy

  2. Seamless adjustment of size/quality ratio from

    48 mm x 27 mm @ 30 µm
    up to
    6 mm x 54 mm @ 50 µm

  3. Open to any resin on the market - no lock on certain suppliers

  4. Free Software NanoDLP (no software service package needed)

  5. No heatable resin vat or resin vat sweeper needed

  6. The external light source can easily be replaced -
    You aren't locked on us
  1. The resolution and the printing results can be increased steadily via external projectors:

    You aren't locked on the technical status-quo but are free to exchange your external light source with a projector with a higher resolution - You don't need to invest in a new 3D printer but are always up to date

Precious Pro ONE

Integral Component

Precious Pro ONE
incl. Resin Vat
incl. Build Platform
incl. FEP foils + Silicone gaskets for Resin Vat

Precious Pro ONE

Projection Component

HD DLP Projector InFokus IN3138HDa*
incl. macro lenses set incl. adapter
incl. set of 3 stable pedestals incl. adapters

Technical Specifications


Stereolithography SLA 3D printer with external DLP projection unit (top down)


NanoDLP (pre-installed)

XY resolution (finest)

30 µm

Z resolution (layer width, finest)

15 µm

Build Size X, Y, Z (maximum)

90 mm x 52 mm x 140 mm

Adjustable build size /
resolution ratio

57.6 mm x 32.4 mm @ 30 µm –
96 mm x 54 mm @ 50 µm

Reproducability / accuracy

+/- 3 µm

Vertical Build Speed *

22 mm/h

Data Interfaces

Wifi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, HDMI


230V AC 5A (C13/C14)

3D Printer Core Uncrated
(H x W x D)

500 x 300 x 300 mm

3D Printer Core Weight Uncrated

14 kg

Manufacturer’s Warranty

1 year

Open to 3rd party materials

Yes, no lock-in technology

* dependent from layer width, value given @20 µm layer width, excluding burn-in layers that add one time approximately 2.5 minutes to total time

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