Cooling Station FRIGOMAT

The FRIGOMAT and the FRIGOPLATE are the logical extensions to our
automatic DOGENDORF vacuum wax injection devices.

During the wax injection process energy is fed to the rubber and silicon mould, which
remains in the mould for a long time, because of the relatively poor heat conductivity of rubber and silicon.

To minimize this energy excess of the rubber and silicon mould quickly and to be able to carry out
the next injection process, the surplus heat has to be withdrawn. 

This is made possible by the FRIGOPLATE, which cools the rubber and silicon mould
already before and after the injection process.

The FRIGOMAT can be connected with up to 3 FRIGOPLATES and is therefore able
to supply up to 3 DOGENDORF Vacuum Wax Injectors, each with 1 FRIGOPLATE.

The following types of DOGENDORF Vacuum Wax Injectors can be connected with the FRIGOMAT:

  • ECOMAT 2000 CC and

When ordering one of the above mentioned DOGENDORF Vacuum Wax Injectors, the
cooling during the wax injection process can be ensure as well, as the

  • Standard Clamp Hand (65 x 50 up to 120 x 100 mm moulds)

is cooled on its upper and lower clamping panel. The FRIGOMAT can supply 3 Standard Clamp Hands.


Technical Specifications

Cooling Output at +20 °C and RT 25 °C / 68 °F and RT 77 °F: 400 W
Temperature Control Range: -10 up to +40 °C / from 14 up to 104 °F
Dimensions (H x W x D): 510 x 280 x 320 mm 
Weight: 25 kg
Voltage: 230 V
Amperage: 2 A
Frequency: 50 Hz


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